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Jaybird brand headphones disconnect (IE: Vista/Tara/etc.)

Just a fair warning for anyone expecting a major improvement, the jaybird headphone disconnection issues are still present in the latest firmware. The only way to fix it is still downgrading the Bluetooth firmware to 5.04. It’s been months from Garmin with no proper fix, and I’ve sent multiple emails.

P.S. I did have a brief period of respite on beta 16.30, but after the disconnections during my run today rendering the headphones useless I’m not sure if that was just pure luck.

  •   I'm not sure which if the proper ticket number but my email header was the following:

    < Ref:19209781K0 >> Re: BT v6.X and later does not work with numerous BT ear pods <Q#:1007700>

    Here is the info form the other forum post suggesting the same thing:

    Everyone with this issue needs to let Garmin know on their support page, it will then hopefully get logged and recognised as a proper issue. I doubt they even really monitor these forums.

    At the bottom of that page is an online chat link, if you can try and speak to someone. I did and they were very helpful and said they'd escalate it but if it's just the occasional person then it might not really flag up with them properly so it would be great if everyone could take 5 mins to do it so we can hopefully finally run freeee!

    That forum post/thread is :

  • Ref:19209781K0

    Yes, it's the reference number.  Thank you.

  • While this issue does not appear to be specific to Garmin products, we have reported the issue to Jaybird. Unfortunately we do not have any indication of when they might be able to provide a resolution.

  • Thanks for the response Chris.  Since this does impact so many users, is it possible to get this thread posted as a sticky so there's more eyes on it and it doesn't get buried amongst the other threads in this forum?  

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  • I reported this like 6 or 7 times, via email, forum, the "solution"? to buy the Apple Pro's, now i can workput without annoying cuts. Thanks Garmin.

  • What should they update on a headphone that works with every connected device (notebook, tablet, phone and even with my treadmill)?

    No idea but it's always worth asking.

  • I would love an easy answer on this frustrating issue... When there are random situations, sometimes you need to look at the bigger picture. IE: there are dozens of other name brand and fly by night companies that come and go making cheap Bluetooth headphones that all work great.

    In my own testing, I have 6 different pairs of BT headphones across 4 different brands and they are all different ranges of what they cost. I have personally not had an issue testing them with my Fenix 6X Pro Solar watch.

    What is about the Jaybird Vistas. Maybe - only a guess, it's the location of the Bluetooth receiver?

  • same Problem here with Jaybird Vista.

    All worked great until the update of Bluetooth Firmware greater then 5.04. Since then random disconnects and sometimes reconnection is not possible anymore. Flashing old Bluetooth Firmware helps!