Spotify sync

New fenix6 Pro having issue syncing podcasts via Spotify. One of biggest reasons got it was for listening to podcasts on long runs. Just upgraded from 245 music which wasn't the fastest for syncing but was somewhat reliable. Fenix is just impossibly slow, stalling and failing. Have tried pretty much everything have seen on forums relating similar issues from reinstalling Spotify, resetting, keeping plugged in, garmin express. Can't believe can pay aprrox 600 euro for device that's so clunky... Anyone have any experience returning to either garmin or retail outlet? Am at stage where spent too many days on it and want rid to be honest.. Frustratingly for 50 min podcast.. About 1 in every 10 sync succeed. Who has time for that nonsense

  • If you don't want to use 3rd party services, you can always copy audio files directly to the device file system via USB, you don't even need to bother with Garmin Express or Spotify - If the podcast is just an .mp3 file that would work, assuming no DRM issues.

    I don't use Spotify, but I do use Amazon Music, and that seems to sync fine - I do that once a month to keep the files 'fresh' via WIFI, and that always works. It can be slow, but it works. So this might be a Spotify issue, rather than a Garmin issue (I assume Spotify write their own client?)

  • I do want to use third party services and was the main reason I purchased to work with Spotify. I've seen many complaints about amazon music also whether same issue or not I don't know. My 245 music didn't have the same reliability issues. As far as I know you can't save Spotify files in mp3 format. I would expect that feature should work as advertised whether 3rd party or not

  • I would expect that feature should work as advertised whether 3rd party or not

    You need a working WIFI connection AND a bluetooth connection to Garmin Connect for music sync to work. I find WIFI on the Fenix 6 can be quite flakey, so it might be worth checking that is 100% working.

  • Could be fenix WiFi issue alright. Wish I'd known about flakey nature of it before I purchased!! Home WiFi is OK and expect 70mbps should be fine. No issues on any other devices

  • so it looks like turning off WIFI security may resolve the issue. Not ideal or really workable or desirable to have open network but it seems to fix issue. Sync seems to work reliably and pretty much flies through it too. Guess I could look at setting up a guest network with no security and only turning it on when need to sync...A bit fiddly and not ideal but progress nonetheless... thanks 5135968 for replies

  • Glad you were able to sort it, these sort of things tend to be down to WIFI.

    I know when I got my F6 Pro I was battling with WIFI, in the end I had to go into the Advanced Admin page on my router and turn practically everything off - firewall, WPS, split the channels between 2.4ghz and 5ghz. I haven't dared touch it since!

  • Thanks. Yeah it seems to be fully resolved now albeit with a not ideal workaround i.e I cant leave network open at all times....I think its terribly clunky and disappointing though. These are not discount devices and you would expect them to be operational seamlessly over WIFI.