TopoActive EU 2021.10 Insufficient Space Issue

 I updated the latest maps via Garmin Express. Everything ended normally without a problem. Finally, Garmin Express wrote me that I was with the latest updates. I disconnected my F6 from the PC and restarted it. The process of installing the new maps went smoothly. After reconnecting the watch it to the PC, Garmin Express showed me a new update of TopoActive Europe 2021.10 is available which I had already done. When I try to install this update, I get a message that my device does not have enough space. In my F6 there are 17 GB free and the map is 11 GB. Does anyone have a similar problem? 

  • I have had this issue for my US maps since last 6 months. I reached out to support only to get a suggestion to delete backup file and check for the version of windows as it was supposedly a windows OS related issue. None of these suggestions helped.

    What I have to do now as a workaround is to delete all the maps from the device by completely resetting the device, then do a fresh installation. I have to keep doing this every month or two to get map related updates to my watch. Still even now if i connect my watch to explore, I get the same message that map has so much data that it cannot fit my device.. I have 19 GB free

  • Forerunner 945 after Update 90MB free space.

    Before the update, I still had 9GB free. Something like that sucks for a small watch like the 945. I got them especially for listening to music during my activities. Now there is no more room for it.

    @Garmin, you have to work harder with the prices of the watches!

  • no, that's not true at all. i have over 800GB free on c:. 

  • Same here. About 550GB free on Windows C-drive and about 17GB free on the Fenix 6X Pro. The old TopoActive map seems to have been removed by the first map update so now it does not exist on the Fenix 6X Pro...

  • I have just fixed the problem.
    My "fenix 6 Pro" could not update the maps.

    An old piece of advice from the forum helped me.

    1. connect the watch to the computer.
    2. Delete all *.img files directly via the file system in the "Garmin" folder, except for "gmapbmap.img" and "gmaptz.img".
    3. disconnect the watch from the computer and wait until it displays the normal screen.
    4. Reconnect the watch to the computer and update with Garmin Express.

    This method actually deletes the currently installed maps and reinstalls them fresh. This worked very well :)




    Update: after reinstalling the maps and reconnecting to the Garmin Express app, the error occurs again. :-/

    I'll leave this posting here anyway, as the instructions on how to delete the maps have already helped in many cases.

  • No problem at all for me,  installed aprox 10gigs of maps, I had 5 gig on the watch before I started the update ...(I have had trouble in the past though ) 

    The old maps are supposed to be taken from the watch before installing the new updates...but Garmin always seem to have problems implimenting updates when they release them for everyone..... Don't know why it's so difficult as I don't write software,but it must be.

    Anyway reinstalling the maps instead of updating should work for now for those having the issue hopefully. 

  • I have only 4 GB free on C: (abandoned windows-installation, I use Linux), and try to edit that XML file to let GE use a USB drive for storing the maps. Does not work at all. Is it because of another bug upstream? I am not sure. 

  • Correct, only after reinstalling and connecting, Garmin still reports the message Udate available. I have the same problem with my F5Plus.

  • As far as I understand, both after the update and after reinstalling the maps, the problem with GE remains, so we are waiting.
  • yes right, the problem persists