Fenix 6 Series - 16.30 Public Release Candidate

Hello Fenix 6 customers,

Our next beta version for the Fenix 6 series is now available! 

We had to bring in a couple changes, so this software version is our next Public Release Candidate. This means that this software will become a public update, as long as we do not identify any critical bugs in this version. We would appreciate any feedback on v16.30. (Whether you install 16.30 now or wait for the official release in a few days, all versions of 16.30 will be identical.)

Please ensure that you are downloading the correct beta software for your specific device.

Instructions for installation are available below the change log on each of the above pages.

16.30 Change Log (all changes since 15.20)

  • Added step counting to backcountry ski ascents.
  • Improved functionality of navigation features with Garmin Explore.
  • Improved altimeter auto calibration during activities for MARQ and fenix 6 Pro devices.
  • Improved power meter calibration and settings.
  • Improved device name shown when mounted to a Windows computer to be more descriptive. (Only applies to Enduro and fenix 6)
  • Fixed issue where podcasts may not display correctly on device.
  • Fixed incorrect translation within “Suggested Workouts” when language set to Czech.
  • Fixed potential crash when sending a Quick Text from inReach Remote
  • Fixed issue with wrong activity types shown when syncing with Garmin Explore.
  • Fixed distance and time values for tracks/routes synced from Garmin Explore.
  • Fixed issue with watch face labels missing when using certain languages.
  • Fixed potential crash when starting a golf round on a nine-hole course.
  • Fixed issue with device name within Garmin Connect Mobile for Enduro.
  • Fixed issue with “Coriolis Effect” naming. (Only applies to tactix Delta – Solar Edition with Ballistics)
  • Fixed battery drain issue after disconnecting from a paired inReach device.
  • Fixed backlight behavior during sleep periods.
  • Fixed issue with backlight not respecting device settings when entering power controls page.

Current beta peripheral software version numbers below. New versions are indicated in red.

GPS: 5.00
Sensor Hub: 8.00
ANT/BLE/BT (Pro models): 6.11
ANT/BLE (non-Pro models): 2.11
Wi-Fi (Pro models only): 2.60

Please note, the beta updates released on these forums are not suitable for APAC region devices.

Please send all bug reports to [email protected], and indicate which model of the Fenix 6 Series you have in the subject line.