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(RESOLVED) - GPS Accuracy Issues Starting January 1st 2021

Fenix 6X Pro - s/w 13.10

My last 2 walking routes seem to be way off the mark when viewed on a map, whether in Garmin Connect or Strava. One had me starting 5 miles away.

Any reason for this? Is the GPS accuracy really bad? Are there any tips to improve accuracy?

Thanks for any assistance.

  • Same here. Did a short and slow walk today and most of the route is ok but it starts somewhere else, two streets away from start point, and some route parts go through houses, some parts are missing, others are shown where I haven't been walking.. 

    GPS and Glonass here. CPE expired too. 

  • For a while, I thought I am going crazy. I was relying on the GPS track to lead me back to my car, and it was insisting my hike started on a totally different street. It was getting close to the sunset and I already imagined myself wondering the streets during the night. Good thing I trusted my instincts more than Fenix 6. ;-) 

  • Here is an easy, verifiable workaround for devices with a map: enter an activity (such as Run) and before pressing the start button, switch to the map screen, and stay on the map screen until the position on the map becomes correct. After that the watch is ready and starting an activity will produce a good track. Basically this is in line with other recommendations, but looking at the map will give you a visual feedback.

  • Same problem for the Marq. Fyi. 

  • What does this teach us ? That in addition to following the GPS signal a good dose of orientation is not bad. Eh eh eh.
    Sure that the guys of Garmin Stuff will resolve the problem is nothing so serious, we use the excuse of the gps bug to have a rest !!
    Have a good new bug year ! Joy

  • I've got my first run of the year all messed up. I'm definitely not Jesus nor someone with ninja skill Rofl who can run on the water. Pretty sure that I only pressed start after the watch's GPS status turned green. It was a fun race, a little bit disappointed but it was fun Smiley

    Other guys who were using Apple watch didn't have this issue. One with a Forerunner 745 didn't have the issue neither.

    According to the volunteered manual timer, I would have set a new PR. Garmin watch gave me a 400m less (recorded only 4.65km instead of 5km) with about 40second longer time...

    I'll try Chris' workaround and do another run today.

  • Same for me. Instinct Solar GPS readings started to be shifted yesterday, usually to the west. All was good until 31/12/2020. Prague. 

  • Maybe Sony are finally improving their GPS chip

  • Thank you for clarifying this. I purchased the watch on the 1st, went our for a run, and found the big problem. I was almost like a mad guy for the last 48 hours. Now relieved that Garmin knows the problem, it is not my watch. So, waiting for the permanent solutions now while shall try your suggested workaround tomorrow morning. Thanks.