FENIX 7 must haves the wearable killer


1.The Fenix 7 needs to be comfortable for sleep and have a ir diode vs a green one:

- make an elastic strap (put on upper arm), when I wear the f7x all day, I get rashes

-have a different diode for sleep (like oura infra red which is invisible) that is invisible so no impact on sleep (green does decrease melatonin). 

-maybe have an app that let's you use your oura ring vs the watch (or an accessory that is comfortable...the watch on 24h even during sleep in not fun)

2. Have an amoled screen and hybrid touch screen that you can deactivate by pressing a button

make it bigger, brighter ...

3. Have a speaker on it (to scare bears in the woods)

4.Let it calculate velocity like the PUSH band for strenght workouts (or have an app)

5. Have Vo2max on all activities ...even resting like polar

6. Make it thinner 

These elements will make it the best...(just the sleep alone would!)

  • Problem is we have a supposed ABC watch (Fenix, etc) with music, oxy, bla, bla, bla but a lousy ABC GPS.

    The root of the problem is that Garmin sells Fenix so well that there is no longer an incentive to make ABC GPS less lousy. A large percentage of users buy it as a fitness smartwatch with a rugged look and long battery life, basically, a glorified Fitbit.

  • Polar V800 is certainly more accurate than modern GPS devices.

    Absolutely - as soon as Polar moved to the Sony GPS chipset their accuracy dropped. I had the Polar Vantage back in 2018, it was pretty dire. Apparently it improved later, but I wasn't going to deal with what was served up at the time, so back to Amazon it went.

    I still often use my Polar V800 for instant pace, using zone lock and pace zones. Nothing like that on Garmin.

    Yes, the big antennae does help a lot I'm sure. Strangely, the unfashionable V800 look with its square face, doesn't look totally out-of-place compared to the Venu SQ or Apple Watch...I'm fine with black and white...pretty much all running watches do is display a bunch of numbers, you don't need colour let alone OLED for that sort of stuff.

  • Garmin fitted it in Garmin Fenix and Fenix 2, so they absolutely can fit it in 240+ pixel screens. :) 

  • Fenix 2SE satellite info displayIf it was on Fenix and Fenix 2, it can be on Fenix 7! Maybe a few more screens to scroll through.. but that only makes it cooler.

    Why it has to be there - all bits of extra data are nice to have. If you don't want it - don't use it.

    Well maybe there is a hint of nostalgia here, anyone who started using (Garmin) GPS back in the 1990s probably remembers obtaining a 'cold fix' after unpacking a new GPS, or traveling a long way with the GPS off. No syncing EPO.bin to your device, time to first fix was a thing back then.

    Anyway, it would be a true deal-maker for me. If it's on Fenix 7.. I'm absolutely buying one.

  • What is that?...minutes of p.a.? Or distance

  • The bear thing is a stretch but I can see it being an ciq app is a speaker is on board. Alert sound.

    The sleep thing is lacking. Oura has the most elegant way (dunno is its the best) ...the f6x is big and not comfortable for sleep. A small bracelet of ring would be great to increase accuracy (could be used for working out) ...maybe as a power sensor or an accelerometer like the push band. 

    Something light 

    The ir led would only work at night...but would save melatonin (skin ).

  • Are you asking about the shown satellite numbers?

  • Satellite page Satellite numbers and their signal strengths. The  GPS12XL Owners Manual  has a good explanation. On the Fenix/Fenix2 the sky view and signal strength bars were on separate pages; on the 12XL it fitted on one page.

    Link: static.garmin.com/.../GPS12XL_OwnersManual_SoftwareVersion4.0andabove_.pdf

  • Yeah, this screen is so exciting! :D