Fenix 6 - Surf Activites

Hey All, 

Many of you may have seen we added the surf activity type to the Fenix 6 and Marq series.  If you are an avid surfer, and can do so in your area safely, please give it a try?  Be sure you've updated to the latest public beta 9.97 or above, and then go catch some waves.  Once finished, we'd be curious to know your thoughts back here on this thread?  We'll monitor the thread for feedback.

Thank you for your continued feedback on our public betas.  We appreciate you and your desire to live on the edge with beta updates. Slight smile

  • The reality is Garmin doesn´t give a f**k about surfing app. Lots of people have given valuable feedback, proposals and ideas. I was in close contact with one of the Garmin workers giving him daily feedback about the readings and suddenly he stopped answering my emails...

    I bought the Fenix 6 ONLY because of the Surf app and it has been a big deception. It's been 3 months since I bought it and no improvements have been made.

    I already put an advertisment to sell the Fenix and will buy a Apple Watch. At least their customer service answers the questions of the users!!

  • That is terrible. They were asking for feedback and then they just ignore it and ignore their customers.. especially those (including myself) that had waisted our own time just to improve a product by giving feedback as requested without benefit (apart from the hopes of getting an actual product that works as expected and advertised). Definitely terrible... I don't blame you selling the watch, specially if you were taking your time giving close feedback on the product and with the result you say you had (stopped replying to you). Definitely bad...very bad and utterly disappointing.

  • I had a Fenix 3hr running Surf Tracker, pretty accurate and free!. Updated to Fenix 6 just for the native surf app. Not good, half baked app with lots of room for improvement. Post from 6324310 is pretty accurate. Should contact Surf Tracker developer for help.  Please fix it, otherwise the "buyer's remorse" will kill me

  • Agree with so many of the comments here. There are so many easy fixes to make this app useful.

    Make the data shown after the activity into datafields
    Wave count, longest wave, Paddle data (it's so useful that its almost worth it just to copy the swim or SUP app and add the surftracker2 data field)

    A TIDE CHART as a datafield would be incredibly useful too. 

  • Is there going to be an upgrade to the Surfing App.  The recording parameters need to be made variable for the user to set the minimum parameters.  

    I bought the Fenix 6 pro based on the release of this App.  As it stands the Surfing App does not justify the purchase.  

  • Hi ,

    It will be good if you could give an update on whether anything is being done with the surf app or whether it is just left aside. At least customers like myself will appreciate it... No time frames required, neither development status....just... if someone is looking at it or is planning to look at it or if not? 

    Thank you very much for your time.

  • I purchased the 6x pro specifically for the surfing app last August. 

    It sucks so bad and others nailed it on the issues. Its so useless.  It counts a simple paddle out as a wave. Even just simply padding 20 feet to another spot counts as a wave. It registered 32 waves before I caught my first wave the other day (it was a flat day at Huntington Beach).  There is no way to adjust the data metrics like distance and speed. It could have potential but its really useless now. I have to use the comments section to note how many waves I caught. 

    The heart rate is cool because it shows when my heart spikes before getting pounded by an outside sneeker wave set.

    I wished I would have bought one of the surfing watches as my friends love them.

  • Having shared the same experience I think the saddest thing the contempt that Garmin now treat existing customers with no communication or response.   

  • The sad part is, I have had 1 Fenix 3, 3 Fenix 5's (all which broke) and now my Fenix 6X Pro. When I contacted the online chat, the reply was to paddle slower! If a set wave is coming at you, you cant paddle slower! I agree, there is zero response or feedback.

  • Hi Jeff,

    I have used various app including the surfing app from garmin. 

    I think the apps are on the right track but not yet there, if you compare to possibilities of the watch, and compare to other real surfwathces e.g. Ripcurl GPS, or even the new Garmin Instinct Surf edition?? it is pssibile to get those programs/ apps from the Instinct on Fenix 6 pro?

    main disadvantages:

    The way your waves are shown afterwards

    The algorythm used for wavespeed, distance etc.

    best regards