Fenix 6X - since last week battery drains heavily!

Hi there,

first time, I am writing here, because, well, never had any issues and been using first the Fenix 5X and then upgraded to the 6X last September.

Since approximately seven days, the battery drains really fast! Have the watch since September last year and got solid battery life like charging it every 5 days while using it quiet intensively (around 900 activtiy minutes per week plus yoga everyday). Now, the battery has dropped from 95% to 10% within a day without my using it for any activity. I have de-installed all non-Garmin watchfaces as I thought Infocal would be the culprit. I also de-installed anything else Non-Garmin.

Yesterday, I got normal battery life. In the morning I had 5Days left, went running for 40 min and had 4Days this morning. Howevery, right this morning, it dropped again from 50% to 9% with no apparent reason. WLAN is switched off permanently. I certainly didn't drop the watch and can rule out physically damaging the cells.

The software is 9.0.0. I do not know whether the drop in battery life occurred right after update. The last update I noticed was for Bluetooth. 

Anybody else seen this behavior?