5 minuters added to run workouts

My latest 3 runs have all gotten 5 extra minutes added to total time. They were all structured workouts from Trainingpeaks with 45, 53 and 45 minutes duration and did in fact take that long. The watch, however, reported 50, 58 and 50 minutes. GC and Trainingpeaks reports 50, 58 and 50 minutes but Strava and Stryd reports 45, 53 and 45 minutes after sync. There is probably something weird in the fit file.

Very strange!

  • I opened one of the fit files in FIT file viewer and there seems to be an error:

    timestamp                   start_time                    total_elapsed_time(s)    total_timer_time(s)
    2020-03-26 06:30:46    2020-03-26 05:45:26     2704.024                          3004.024

    GC and TP uses total_timer_time (50 mins = wrong). Strava and Stryd uses total_elapsed_time (45 mins = correct)

    The extra 300 seconds is taken out of the blue.