LED test request

Hi All,

I would like to ask your help if you have a minute or so and are willing to go to the test mode of the watch 

I have a replacement watch which seems to have much weaker HR lights than the previous ones (yes, I am unlucky in so many levels) and sometimes it's not even flashing only a continuous dim light is visible when I pull up the watch from my wrist a little.

So I went to the test mode and got these OHR test results:

ILP Results: S2 Exceed Limits
LED Results: S2 Below Limits

I do not know if that is normal or not, so if you can do a little test for me and confirm your values I would appreciate it.

Here is the method to do the test:

1. Turn off the watch (sync it before turning it off just in case not to loose any metrics)
2. Press the Down button and turn on the watch by the Light button. Only release the Down button when the test mode is loaded.
3. Press the Back button until you navigate to the OHR test page.
4. Press the Up button for the ILP test and the Down for the LED test. Both takes a couple of seconds, so wait until the test done message appears for both.
5. To go back to normal mode, long press the Light button until the watch turns off and turn it on as usual.
6. Share the results 

Thank you in advance!