Smart notifications do not work since Update to V6.10!

Today I must recognize that I dont get notifications on my fenix 6 by incomming calls.

So I look at the settings but everything is fine. So I do a restart of fenix 6 and my iphone.

After that the problem is the same. Turning smart notifications of, sync with garmin connect app

and make a redo after that brings nothing too.

Does someone here have the same problems?

Great job Garmin! 700 bugs for a device where the gps accuracy is poor against my fenix 5,

hydration widget also have bugs and listen to music over amazon have also bugs.

I bought an Apple Watch 5 and will test this device with die "Workoutdoors" app if this would be

an alternative to my fenix 6.

Greetings from Germany!

  • Sorry to hear about your problems.

    For what it’s worth: my watch told me this morning that the update to 6.10 is installed. No issues since then. All notifications and everything else as expected.

    Fenix 6

  • Hi together,

    I must examine my statement that the disfunction for the smart notifications comes from fenix 6 update v6.1.

    The reason for that problem is the last update of the iOS Garmin Connect App v4.27 for a week ago.

    Since that my smart notifications not working. At the update before my weather was not updating. Here is also a thread about the disfunction of weather. The soloution to fix it is the same. Follow these steps to get it running under Apple Ios:

    1. Delete your fenix device in the Garmin Connect App

    2. Delete the Garmin Connect App from your iPhone

    3. Go to Settings-->Bluetooth and select the entry of your fenix watch. Click "Ignore this device"

    4. Reinstall the Garmin Connect App from App store

    5. On your fenix 6 watch go to "Phone-->Pairing"

    6. Start your Garmin Connect App on your iPhone

    7. Following the instructions of the progress to add garmin device

    Thats it! After this the smart notifications are working agian.