Please stop asking between Apple etc / Garmin

hi everybody,

here is a small thread about this since i've received many mail or see many topic about this.

You have to compare what is comparable !

it is like you hesitate between a 4x4 and a road car.

here is my opinion with a hint of irony (JOKE)

let say Apple, Samsung etc are SMARTWATCH and Garmin, SPORTWATCH.

- If your daily fight is always close to a coffee machine : SMARTWATCH

- if you don't care about daily charging: SMARTWATCH

- if one of the most important thing is knowing how many people liked what you ate this morning: SMARTWATCH

- if you want your watchface to be a Christmas tree: SMARTWATCH

- if you are sure to always have a data network and never get lost: SMARTWATCH

- if you just want to do like everyone and have an apple (i'm joking!!!): SMARTWATCH

- if you have nothing again planned obsolescence: SMARTWATCH

- if you are a real man (i'm joking!!!) : SPORTWATCH

- if you only want the essential : SPORTWATCH

- if you do activity more than 1 hours : SPORTWATCH

- if you are on battle field: SPORTWATCH

- if you want something robust and efficient: SPORTWATCH

- if you have your own personality : you don't need anything to choose but what you need.

of course i'm kidding, just to say that Smartwatch and sportwatch can't be compared, is according your need.

have a great day !