VO2max and performance acting strangely

I just did my first ever recovery run. In fact it was the first run I've done where I targeted low aerobic activity, I've owned a Garmin for 4 months.

Here's the weird thing, while doing my recovery run (which might still have been a little fast as Fenix 6 tells me I targeted base not recovery) my performance came up as -5 fair. That's the lowest I've ever seen it, it's nearly always positive. Then my VO2max dropped when I finished and my status changed from "Productive" to "Overreaching". It's nearly always been "Productive" and has never been "Overreaching" before.

Why did this slow run have this effect? I know it's a bit precious but I'd almost made the superior VO2max bracket and one slow run brought it down.

What gives?