"Next Waypoint" and "Distance to Next" showing distance to next TURN

Is there a way to REMOVE the "turn by turn" directions that Garmin Connect embeds in a course? When I use the "Next Waypoint" and "Distance to Next" data fields it shows me the next TURN instead of my desired "Next Aid Station" as marked on Garmin Connect. I'd love to see the distance remaining to my next aid station and the aid station name displayed on my watch. But I don't get this until I complete all the turns leading to it.

  • Unfortunately it doesn't work the same way on Fenix. It isn't possible to turn turn guidance off - only notifications about turns - and turns remain mixed with course points. And to make that worse, when on trails there are many turns inserted - one for pretty much every bend of trail. 

  • I also have two Edge and unfortunately in the Fenix 6 Garmin is using old navigation features from watches without map instead of Edge Navigation features. 

    To be honest I do not understand why. 

    I think the only way it push all together Garmin to change this behaviour! 

  • For the fenix uses plotaroute as I indicated in an old post. You decide what to put as info.


  • This does not solve the issue because I want turn by turn and also distance to waypoint in the same time. At the moment the only way is to use Garmin Edge series waiting when Garmin will decide Tu upgrade navigation con Fenix series. 

  • It would be great to have TBT and distance to next at the same time. Unfortunately the current Fenix software does seem to depends on turn directions to be waypoints. That is the case not only when following courses but also when using routing, for example routing back to start. It seems Garmin doesn't really expect anyone to use custom waypoints with their Fenix devices.

    We have to keep messaging customer support asking to support custom waypoints during navigation and hope that they consider this case to be valuable enough to address. 

  • Yes, I think that should be important to push Garmin to change this behaviour also posting here:


  • Just left this feedback for them

    People have been requesting this for years.  On your Garmin watches with navigation, like the fenix 6X pro which I have, you need to make it so that you can have turn by turn directions and fields that will tell you the distance and name to your own self created waypoints.  Not the next turn distance, you can leave those fields in there, just add fields that will tell you the name and distance to WAYPOINTS.  If this doesn't get fixed, my next watch will be a COROS VERTIX 2. Thanks.

  • The way this works is that for devices with maps and routing (exception the Fenix 6 Pro) when you use the "transfer to device" function, the turns are not embedded by GC. The same transfer to device function will embed turn directions for devices without maps and routing (exception of the fenix 6). Also if from the website you decide to export a FIT file and then manually transfer to the device, the turns are NOT embedded in that one. The logic is that GC embed the turns for devices without the capability to compute their own. There has been a but two years ago that made turns embedded all the time but it has been fixed a long time ago. The service is back to what I describe. So if you did a transfer to devices and picked your Fenix 6 you get those turns embedded, and consequently they are just mixed with those flags you may have added by hand. When I wan to get the want to only report on the flags I inserted myself I go the manual way, export the FIT and transfer it via USB. That way the turns are not embedded and only my waypoints are included, which is what most people want anyway I believe. I would love the GC interface to simply give me a toggle to choose if I want turns or no in the FIT file but it is not there, so resorting to manual transfer is the way to get there. 

    As a side note I also use an Edge 1030, and for that device GC does not include turn in the FIT file, only the user waypoints (proper Garmin term is Course Points). 

  • The big difference is that in the Edge Series (I have a 1000 and a 830) you have not the embedded turn but turn fit file from GC but the device can calculate it by itself and say you "turn right" and similar message (if you want). 

    The Fenix 6 works like the old Garmin watches without map, it is not possible to have turn by turn and, at the same time, the right "distance to next" course point because if you want the turn by turn you have to take the file from GC with embedded tbt as course point. 

  • it is not possible to have turn by turn and, at the same time, the right "distance to next" course point because if you want the turn by turn you have to take the file from GC with embedded tbt as course point. 

    Nothing is impossible. It is true that turn directions are course points that are basically the same as user defined course points and therefore both types of course points get mixed up. 

    However Garmin creates those course points itself, so the watch could recognize and filter them out. Then Garmin could give us an option whether it should display auto-generated course points or not. That doesn't seem a particularly big change to me. Also Garmin could limit data fields like "distance to next", "next waypoint", etc only to user defined course points but keep TBT course points on the map screen. That would be a huge step forward.