Non-quickfit bands?

Can I use a non-quick fit band like a 935 band? I feel like I could get it on the pin but how would you remove if it is supported?

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  • Yes, bearing in mind that quick release spring bars have thin tips like most non-quick release ones, so there will be some play because the tips of the spring bars are narrower than the holes in the case of the watch. Fat spring bars like the ones used on the Fenix have thicker tips.

    This is the thing that's prevented me from using standard watch straps. The Garmin spring bars are ~2.28mm in diameter vs the standard 1.8mm and 1.5mm bars. This makes them unusable for most watch bands except in the case of some leather bands where you may be able to force-press the bars thru the holes in the strap. I tried using smaller spring bars with a couple bands and really didn't like the janky feel of the smaller bars wobbling around inside the over-sized holes in the watch lugs; 'made me nervous about how secure the fit was. Disappointed

  • That's it! Only the original Garmin bars fit proof! Attached a nylon wooven strap that could be stretched to fit the thicker pins. Has anyone found such springbars in an online shop for replacement?