Fenix 6 battery drain fast

I just got my Fenix 6 on monday. Got first fully charge (2 hours) and aware that the battery last for only 3-4 days (against 14 days as specs). Original watch face with moving second, WHR on, bluetooth on, no music, no GPS, no Pulse Ox... I will try get few more full charge before return for warranty. 

Is there anyone got the same issue? Is it possible the battery will be better over few more charges? or anything i should try to do before return it?

I love this watch and the fact its battery sucks is really annoying :( 

Update the next day: I tried reboot the watch to default and no pairing with Garmin Connect on IPhoneX. Surprisingly the batter last for like 0.25%/hour. Tried connect with the phone without download any app/face/widget, battery drop to 1%/hour. Try reinstall the Connect app, issue still exist. 

It seem to me the problem is not the watch but the connection btw watch and phone. I ve done everything i can but doesnt work. Any idea? i m afraid Garmin wont fix this for me since the problem not from the watch