My name is Paul and I love the Fenix 6x Sapphire

Yep.. there are other threads talking about similar, but I figured one more wouldn't hurt

Normally these forums are about issues, so the negative comments will always outweigh the positive ones. And the Fenix 6 has them for sure.. but most should get ironed out I hope.

But as a Garmin GPS consumer since my first Forerunner 301 back in.. 2005?!! I thought it would be worth posting a bit of extra praise.

Each watch and bike computer (and pedals) I have owned have gotten progressively better (on the whole). The 301 took longer to acquire satellites than the run itself! and if you went under trees... eeek! 

But the Fenix 6X makes me smile. There is something different about this one that sets it apart from previous generations.. maybe it is just that larger screen. Dunno

Whatever the reason, I am a happy bunny.

There.. I said it!

Now.. where are all those apps I am missing! hahaha