Which training program should I choose next?

Just completed 11 weeks of 5k program with Jeff and today I completed it.

I am trying to figure out what would the next program for me be.

I am complete novice when it comes to running and I started in January with Jeff.
Soon to be 42, not over weight, but generally out of shape for decade or two prior to this. Initially almost coughed my lung out after 1km.

I ran my 5k today at 7:30min/km which I know is slow, but I don't think I am one of those fast runners period, despite Jeff's brave attempts to improve my cadence :)

So what should I now continue with? I need structure and schedule from the app/virtual trainer, just like I had with Jeff, or I am afraid I will lose motivation if I try and "innovate" myself.

Should I create new program to lets say run 5k faster, aim perhaps at 6:30min/km?
Or should I start 10k program?

My goal is basically to be outside and move and hopefully improve my general health and wellbeing.

Any tips / input is appreciated, thank you all