Garmin fenix 5

"email" to Garmin support regarding pin 2 corrosion. (Electromigration design flaw)

The number 2 pin on the watch charging port is completely missing. This is due to electromigration corrosion often encountered in electronics. I have been in the electronic industry for 40+ years and certainly recognise this design flaw. The speed of corrosion will depend to some degree on use, but while electrical sensing pulses are continually applied to pin 2, all watches with this exposed connector will eventually see corrosion on this pin. I'm sure your engineers have noticed pin 2 is the only one effected, ruling out general sweat, humidity and water as claimed in many Garmin responses.

My problem is getting the watch repaired or replaced, knowing this issue will return, most likely outside the 90 day replacement warranty. Can you tell me if this design flaw has been fixed? If the issue has been resolved then can you please provide details for the return of the watch, and replace the faulty item. If the design flaw has not been addressed can you please provide a full refund once you have received the watch.

Thanks for the assistance.

PS. This watch is only 7 months old.