Concept2 BikeErg and Bike Indoor


I have a BikeErg and would like to use the "Bike Indoor" app on my Fenix 5. Bike Indoor does pair with the PM5 and I see the Spd/Cad sensors on the watch and receive signals BUT I'm riding the BikeErg with the ridiculous speed of ~1500km/h according to the watch. Any idea how to fix that or is that a bug in the firmware? I can provide some photos of the watch with "Bike Indoors" if desired ...

The ErgIQ app also works but does not synchronize all data with Garmin Connect and also does not work with the Training Load, etc :-( 

The ErgData app for iOS works perfectly and does synchronize to Garmin Connect ... but I also like the BikeErg workout on my watch ...


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