Remove Unwanted Maps


I had a look but nothing specific.

Just purchased 5X and based in the UK so I don't need some of the maps.

I want to add some ski runs as maps but only 1gb of memory left.

So how do I create space by deleting maps I dont want?



  • This post might help:

    It contains a link to the old forum that is broken, but the info about where the .img (map) files are and which one NOT to remove might be useful.

    NOTE: I haven't done as a removal but have used similar methods to add maps.

    Plug your watch into your PC and use your PC's file explorer to open your watch as if it were just another drive.

    Go to the garmin subdirectory on your watch and look for the .img files. You'll have to work out which ones correspond to the unwanted maps. Hopefully the map names and filenames correlate.

    Good luck and be careful. Recommend you copy the .img files to somewhere on your PC before removing them from the watch, as a backup so you could put them back if needed.

  • Hi Tcornall,

    Thank you for getting back.

    I did find the broken link originally but I will use your suggestion.

    Just  to let you know that I have also emailed Garmin's support and with yours and their advice all should be good.

    Again thank you very much.


  • Hi Bigkap - did you get a reply from Garmin support? I've got the same problem with my 5x - I need to remove the US maps etc

    Kind regards 


  • Hi David,

    I got the following from Garmin who's support team are excellent.

    I created a folder on the desktop and copied every file to a new folder(it will take time) and then deleted all the individual files(NOT THE FOLDERS OR THE ICON file) in the GARMIN folder.

    The only files I left were the ones listed below.

    Then I connected to Garmin express to up date.

    To see if all was good I then restarted the watch and, all was good

    Hope this helps.



    I can confirm that any of the below files should not be deleted.


    Any other IMG,SUM,UNL file can be removed and reinstalled at a later date.


  • Hi Bigkap

    Thanks for the quick reply. I’II give in a go today

    Many thanks