Update 14.10 Optical Heart Rate Accuracy

Hello All

Hoping this was a once-off hick-up. Went for a walk following update 14.10 and had a very low heart rate for the first half of the 5km walk roughly 60bpm which is almost my resting heart rate :-) It then picked up to 'normal' levels. This is the first anomaly I have seen with my optical heart rate measurements, the release notes does not reference any update to the heart rate sensor specifically so hoping it will not happen again;

  • strange that this is new to you, for me it is the "normal" behaviour of the ohr in my fenix. i have to admit, that i only tried it once, because i forgot my chest strap. the first 15 minutes the heart rate was WAY to low - after about 15 minutes the heart rate went up to where it should have been after about 2 or 3 minutes. i've read about other users having the same problem...

  • I see that behavior all the time on rides - since I've had the watch. First x percentage of the ride (usually a couple of miles) its below where it should be and then it 'catches up'. Personally I don't put great stock in the optical HR anyway - I have a strap I can use if I want to actually track it better. I find the strap is capable of picking up on quicker and subtle changes - say I stop for a few minutes and my HR drops to 110. The watch will take a while to get down from 150, at which time I've already moved on.