Maps lost on Fenix 5x


I've updated the maps on my Fenix 5x.

When I open Basecamp App on my Mac, in the Maps menu I can only see the maps "Garmin Cycle Map EU, North East" and TopoActive Europe 2019.10 North East.

It seem that I lost the maps, Cycle EU and TopoActive, for the South West region.

Does someone know how I can solve this problem?

Is it possible to restore the lost maps?

Thank you


  • You can Download the maps via garmin express

  • Thank you.

    I've solved.

    Perhaps Garmin Express installs only the maps that are existing on the device but it downloads the whole maps in a folder located in "user"/Library/Application Support/Garmin/Express/Maps..." .

    There you find the last version of the maps in different directories.

    The file names of the maps are different from the usual names that you can find in the Garmin folder of the Fenix 5x but the contents are correct, as I verified with BootCamp and on my device.