Strava Live Segments not appearing on Fenix 5


I have had a ticket in with support for a while but no luck. Basically Strava Live segments only sync to my phone through Express and it's super annoying,so wondered if anyone else had experienced this (or can point out whether I've done something wrong).

I have Strava Summit, I have a load of starred segments, I've enabled Strava segments in connect (the app and website) via 3rd party apps > Strava > live segments.

My runs etc. all sync fine and as I say it syncs through express, but adding or removing a segment and then syncing via the app doesn't work at all. If I enable and don't sync via express it just shows 'segments' rather than 'Strava Live Segments' support were... Helpful but not able to solve it, sent them all my files but not really much response.