Two questions: 1) if I accidentally press the lap button on a training run, and 'end' the training, how do I start over? 2) if that's not possible, how do I add a workout / run that I did using the "Run" function to my training?

I'm in week 6 of the galloway plan, and today's training workout was a "9 miles easy run". I started the warm up and after 5 minutes, accidentally pressed the "Lap" button, which put me at the END of the workout into the cooldown mode. I didn't see a way to start over from the watch. I did not have my phone with me - or I would have resynced my phone to the watch and resent the workout to the watch. 

So I deleted that 5 min warmup and just did a 9 mile run. Now my Activities show the 9 mile run AND still the "not-attempted" training workout. Help!