Thinking of switching back from suunto to garmin.  Or more accurately from traverse to fenix 5.  I previously had a garmin vivo active hr. 

The recent change of suunto apps has been a step backwards.  Notifications are a nightmare.  You can only have ALL notifications or none.  Uploading any workout can take an age and the subsequent transfer to Strava takes even longer.

One other issue with the suunto that I cant remember being an issue on the garmin is that the watch only remains hooked up to the phone if the app is open on the phone.  The app shuts down the link if the watch is inactive - for example at night when I take the watch off - and doesn't regain he link until I go and open the app on the phone.  As the notification system is uneditable, I get every notification on the watch that I get ton the phone. I don't want my phone to tell me Wee Bobby is selling a space hopper in the marketplace, I only want select notifications on the watch.  So I end up not restarting the app to avoid the stupid distractions. 

Can any users confirm that the notification system on the fenix 5 is more robust in its connection to my phone and that I can edit what gives me watch notifications and what doesn't?

Thanks in advance.