OHR displayed in Open water activities!

Hi all,

I don't know which update FW? Hub? Mobile app? Brought this but the HR is now displayed in the open water activities!!!

Up until now when I was doing to trick to reactivate OHR in swim activities (start the activity, shortcut back to widgets, go to HR widget, go back to your activity), only the Training Effect was displayed, for HR I had to go to the general HR readings to see the info. But I noticed on my last openwater swims that the data is now displayed together with the other graphs of the activity, even time spent in zones is displayed.

I know OHR is not reliable in the water but it gives a general idea anyway, so this is just great news for me! 

Didn't try yet on a pool activity, but I'm afraid it will probably not work. If anyone can test on a pool activity and give some feedback that could be nice.

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