fenix 5s repeated crashes when trying to save activity with bad/no gps data

latest 13.30 firmware so you'd think they would have solved this by now on a former flagship device

this has happened before in the past but I forgot to mention the bug, not sure if dev monitor the forums or if I annoyingly will have to file a report somewhere else

if the fenix 5 loses GPS or never properly had it in the first place despite green ring, even if there is an activity with time/HR/step data, it will fail to save it and just go into a spinning circle of death for "saving" where the only thing you can do after minutes is just hold the power/light button until it shuts down

I've learned to just take a screenshot of total time to at least have some record of the activity and the watch still seems to figure out steps and intensity-minutes from the pedometer but the activity is completely lost of course

it makes a 102 byte FIT file, so that's probably just the FIT header and then when it goes to save the rest of the data it can't find it, hence the endless loop

they need to please make it timeout and save whatever it can to rescue the activity later

also have no idea why this happens in the first place, there is a green ring for GPS and the GPS status is "4" so it thinks it knows but still fails