DC-Rainmaker on Garmin


thats the point making me unsure staying with garmin. 

  • He is sooooo right! It was time someone like DC-Rainmaker wrote about these problems with Garmin and their horrible software. It is a joke, that Garmin is not able to offer good/reliable and bugfree software.

  • There is no such thing as bug free software.

  • Hope he's heard. The rest of us keep falling on deaf ears

  • Correct, but he is right on the spot with this one.
    Garmin is one of the worst actors when it comes to releasing bug infested s/w.

    The ONLY reason for me not going to a competitor is that they doesn't even come close in functionality so I'll just let G slide with all the bugs.

  • Don‘t get me wrong, making such systems with all that features  in this timeline will be a high possibility for bugs. The point for me is time until this bugs are fixed. For example navigation in the watch to a saved location looking at the elevation Profil sometimes it works, sometimes not. Since I got this watch, over a year now.

    navigation not working after rebooting the watch (Fenix 5x) problem exists since February, nearly have of time since I got this watch. Problem is already solved in the Fenix 5x Plus. 

  • For some time I thought that Rainmaker was praising the Garmin products without pointing out the bugs from previous models that were left unresolved.

    I started on the Fenix 3HR and moved on to the Fenix 5X but decided to past on any future watches as there were still issues on both the model watches I have, deciding that brand loyalty goes both ways.

  • Software development is an issue with Garmin BUT the functionality, the options and features that we get are MUCH better than the competition. I recently gave the Coros Vertix a shot. After playing with it, I returned it. Cosmetically, fantastic. Functionality and available features vs price, bad. It gave me a MUCH better appreciation for my 5+.  While it had some neat things in terms of its Compass Widget/GPS and the way it told you the Satellite info, it lacked in many other areas.

    No company will ever be perfect with both hardware or software. Apple is the closest but still has its quirks in some areas. Garmin isn’t horrible but there is room for improvement.

  • Whether Garmin takes this seriously will determine their continued growth or loss of their staunchest supporters.

  • What piss me off are no exactly the bugs but the manner they are treated.

    First Garmin doesn't say a word about a bug that every body is complaining about but suddenly comes a beta addressing and fixing that bug but then later on the bug returns in a general release and once again not a single word... 

    If they treated the forum more carefully things would be different. I guess. 

  • LOL, that's because there is, in fact, no competition. Garmin is the best, period.
    On the other hand, without (much) competition, there is also not so much interest in (always) improving...