Was the upgrade from Fenix 3HR worth it?

Are you satisfied and will you recommend doing it?
  • I just upgraded to have the maps as far as it's always good to have a spare GPS for emergency use if you're in an unknown area. So I would not consider worthy to upgrade to the fenix5, but only to the Fenix 5x
  • Yes. Have been waiting for the return of maps since the fenix 1!
  • Maybe I add something too, although I did not have 3HR before. I would never buy 3HR, but once I saw 5x specs with maps in, I knew that I want to have it once it would be available because of the maps.
    In short, if you like maps, upgrade worths.
  • Yes. I didn't really need the maps but I ended up using them (particularly when I run on trails) more than I thought I would.
  • It's been hard for me to justify the price I paid, especially when I bought the f3hr for $350 refreshed (but completely new, no issues) a year ago. I've returned the f6x sapphire already as the vibration motor got loose and started rattling. The new one has loose buttons and the back button is a two stage click (goes half way with ease, then hard push to active) so I'm 50/50 on returning again since it's a 1k+ watch and should be close to perfection. I've bought a Bulova watch for $700 before, and you expect quality. Why should it be different for a fitness watch when it breaks the bank? And it's twice as expensive as a traditional watch?

    I can't say it does more than my f3hr tbh. Bigger crisper screen? Yes. Cooler UI, yes, can connect my polar h7 strap that I shouldn't have to use as wrist hr, yes. But it's not delivering on the few features I care about day in day out -> sleep, hr, music control.

    Traditional music is a slight hassle to do. Instead of transfering music via garming connect app via wifi, I am using desktop software to do so. Sorry... Is this 2010? Other watches do it. Sure outdoor watch, but then don't add music if you can't deliver and deliver right.

    Anyways... Rant lol. I would say wait. Wait till 7 comes out next hear. See if gps gets the additional gallileo band for 1-2m accuracy. Wait to see if 6 has become stable and get it at a humain price.

    If I was to be hardcore with hiking, the few tests I did before were promising. GPS still as all over the place as the 3hr but 3 times more battery duration