Fenix 5 plus problem after V19.10

Fenix 5 plus. got it updated to v19.10. After this, i can't pair watch with the phone, and seems to not be able to get gps signal.

Additionally it works extremely slow, watch doesn't hold time, and freeze. When connected to Express it shows version 19.10, and no updates.

I have tried soft and hard reset. Online i was able to find v17.71 and tried to manually downgrade software, and it worked, watch shows v17.71, but it has same problem. Express still shows v19.10.

I removed all maps manually, and it works just a little bit faster, but nowhere near usable.

Is there someplace to download even older versions, to try that?

Is there newer version?

Is some software from other 5's compatible with 5plus to test out?

Any other suggestions?