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fēnix 5x Plus very slow

My watch stopped working well since about 2 weeks and i hat to switch back to my good old fēnix 3.

The main problem is that everything is super slow/laggy. This is everywhere on the watch settings, activity menu and so on.

For example my watch needs four days in real for 24 hours on the screen.

On my watch is no 3rd party watch face and no connection to a smartphone.

Could that be a software problem?

Things that i have tried are:

  • backup all my files
  • update to newest beta 18.42
  • delete all files and do a factory reset in soft and hard style
  • backdate to 12.71 and then update to 13.00

This is how it looks like in realtime and not slowmotioned.

My actual system versions are:     Firmware: 18.00

GPS 2.70 (!)

Wi-Fi 4.01

CIQ 2.4.5

BMX 0.2.4

WHR 20.03.32

ANT/BLE/BT: 6.15

Sensor Hub: 2.41

Hopefully i thank everyone who helps to make my watch work fluent and well.