Resolved - Problem TopoActive Europe 2021.10, insufficient space issue

I updated the latest maps via Garmin Express. Everything ended normally without a problem. Finally, Garmin Express wrote me that I was with the latest updates. I disconnected my F5plus from the PC and restarted it. The process of installing the new maps went smoothly. After reconnecting the watch it to the PC, Garmin Express showed me a new update of TopoActive Europe 2021.10 is available which I had already done. When I try to install this update, I get a message that my device does not have enough space. In my F5plus there enough space free. Does anyone have a similar problem?

  • Exactly the same. I already wrote Garmin. They replied that I had to delete the file “gmapprom.img” from the device's Garmin folder via Windows Explorer. I did it, but it did not solve the problem. I wrote them again and I am waiting for their reply. I guess it's another screwup by Garmin...

  • Ok. While I am still waiting for a reply by Garmin support, here is how I fixed it: I deleted the file “gmapprom.img” from the device's Garmin folder via Windows Explorer, as instructed by Garmin. Then I moved the other two large files in that folder (D6185100A.img and gmapdem.img) to my computer. I rebooted the watch, reconnecrted it with Garmin Express, and now it's updating the maps.

    Thanks Garmin! LOL

  • Hi, ok I also deleted the gmapprom.img file in the clock folder. The other two files (D6185100A.img and gmapdem.img) already exist in the folder. Where did you move them to?

  • Well, I moved the two files to a folder on the computer. Update will be installed, clock restarted, everything ok so far.
    If I reconnect the watch to the computer and GarminExpress recognizes this automatically, the synchronization takes place. Then the query for updates and then the message Update available, although it is already installed. Computer restarted and the note about the update remains. That can only be a bug on the part of Garmin

  • I confirm: Garmin Express keeps wanting to update the already updated maps :(

  • This is also reported on the Fenix 6 forums. I have experienced the same problem with both my 5X+ and 6X Pro Solar. The maps install, but Garmin Express (7.5) wants to keep reinstalling the same maps and quits with "insufficient space" when the installation is attempted again.

    The maps on both devices are matching in size and have today's timestamp.

    This would appear to be a Garmin Express problem, not a watch problem.

  • EDIT: 5/11/2021

    This is a known issue for the Fenix 5X watch. Our engineers are working on a solution. Here is the main forum thread I will be posting updates to:

    TopoActive EU 2021.10 Insufficient Space Issue

  • Thank you Chris, we are waiting for your answer and subsequent description of the bug.

  • Hello Chris !
    I still have the same problem with my Fenix 5S plus ! (for 7 days now)
    What's next ????


  • I got this from CJ,Garmin support team:


    • Connect the Garmin device to the computer
    • Open Finder
    • Click Go in the menu bar at the top of the screen
    • Click Computer
    • Double-click Garmin drive
    • Open the Garmin folder
      • Select the gmapprom.img and gmapprom1.img files
    • Drag the selected files to the trash
    • Click the Back button to return to the drive list
    • Right-click the Trash on the Dock
    • Click Empty Trash
    • Click Empty Trash to confirm
    • Right-click the Garmin drive
    • Click Eject “Garmin”
    • Unplug device from computer
    • Let the device turn onto the time, and reboot it by pressing & holding the top left button for 30 seconds, then power back on with the top left button
    I did it step by step, and in the end it didn’t help again! 
    But,in the Garmin folder search box I type: .img and enter.
    *In the folder were a couple of .img files with version 1,2,3.I delete oldest ones and left on latest version 3...
    *Once again reboot my device,plug in and synchronize and update by Garmin Express.This time TopoActive Europe 2021.10 update was successful.
    Good luck.