Training Status Too Low Or No Status Or Not Updating Vs High On Edge 530?


I recently started training again after a COVID-related break. Before that I did activities on my Fenix 5 plus as well as cycling activities on my Edge 530. The training status between the two never matched exactly, even with Physio True Up enabled on both (known issue) but it was usually close or within the range of plausibility. Ever since though, the 7-Day training load from the Edge 530 might be in the 500's while that from the Fenix 5 plus may be below 50, now the Training Status from the Fenix 5 plus has gone to "No Status" while from Edge 530 says Productive.

None of this makes any sense to me. I have been doing a few runs and a bit of weight training using the watch, and cycling on the Edge 530, with a couple of indoor trainer cycle rides on the watch also. When I go back to the activities individually, i see the ones from the watch always have a "--" under the Exercise Load potion of the metrics tab, whereas the ones done on the Edge 530 have an actual value there.

But then if the Fenix 5 plus does NOT support exercise load, why were the values close before and now diverge completely? And why does the Fenix 5 plus display any 7 days exercise load at all in Garmin Connect, even if too low, under the Training Status widget?

If anyone can explain this to me, I'd really appreciate it.