Two Issues with Golf App

Hi All,

I just wanted to inform you all of two issues with the golf app that I've raised with Garmin Support. If you're experiencing them, then I urge you to report them as well as it may help bump them up the priority list. I own the flagship 5+ running software version 11.

Issue 1: AutoShot not tracking most driver tee shots

I've been experiencing this for two years now, and the problem is that the watch rarely detects driver shots that I hit off a tee. 

I'm following all of the recommendations (wear on lead wrist, 'settle' hands and club before starting swing, etc.), my swing speed averages over 100mph and I've swapped devices but the problem still persists. According to Garmin, this is a known issue that they thought they had addressed in a service pack last year, and I am the first to report a new instance of this problem. If you're a golfer, I urge you to test this out and log an issue if you can reproduce it.

Issue 2: Golf app crashes if you exit during active round and launch GPS widget

During an active golf round, if you back out to the watch face and open a widget that uses GPS, then the golf app seems to crash as hitting enter does not take you back into the app. The only way to recover is to reboot the watch. The problem does not occur if you access non-GPS widgets and I've confirmed that it's not specific to one widget as I have been able to reproduce with at least three different ones, including My Places, GPSMetrics, and Golf Distance Measurement. I also tested this use case with a different GPS app (hiking) and it worked fine, so this problem seems to be confined to golf. This issue is also known to Garmin as I am the third user to report this.