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Poll: Any Issues with Autoshot off the Tee?

Hi All,

I've used Garmin watches for golf going back to the S1 and I am currently using the golf app on the Garmin Fenix 5 Plus for most of my rounds.  One feature that's become standard on Garmin golf watches is 'AutoShot', and I'm interested to know if golfers on other devices have experienced it or have suggestions on how to resolve it.  

My problem is that the watch rarely picks up tee shots that I hit from my driver and there's no way to manually trigger shot measurement.  I'm doing everything suggested by the support articles, including wearing it on my lead wrist and on the Tracman I'm getting 100-105mph of clubhead speed, so poor contact is not the issue.  I've also tried exchanging the device but the new one has the same issue.