Strava reports much lower Elevation Gains

One Ride, one trail run and several more activities like these, elevation gains logged by the Enduro is synced with smoothing automatically applied. I had a support tickets raised to Strava Support and given one FAQ after another to educate myself regarding elevation — not offering any productive solution to this frustrating matter. One thing stood out for me, support says I should see a Elevation (?) when viewed in the web version and if i didn't like the elevation gains shown, I could turn off smoothing. Thing is, with data from the Enduro this isn't available but I've checked my previous activities logged with the Fenix 3 HR and yes, Elevation (?) is there. Watches that do not have Barometric Altimeter have their elevation data automatically smoothed when synced.  

  • Strava is often wrong but Garmin Connect won’t be. Despite what some might say if you want to see the data recorded by your Garmin watch go to Garmin Connect. Case in point. Last week's parkrun was recorded by my Garmin at 5:11/km pace, by parkrun at 5:12/km pace (timekeeper probably slower pressing the button than me lol!), but by Strava at 4:58/km pace for the same distance.

    Go figure!

    Some would have you believe that the gospel according to Strava is the correct one.

  • Did you have to do anything for your run activity to match on Strava? ie Disconnect and re-Connect from Garmin Connect? I synced a Trail Run activity from this morning and nothing has changed. Strava still reported much lower elevation gain.