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17.23 Default Power mode for activities (bug?)

In version 17.23 I found that the GPS paths started to become more zigzaggy, even though I had configured All System + Multiband. I found that all activities have Extended Power Mode set at the start. In the settings for the activities (e.g. Walking) I set to Max Accuracy as default. This setting was then the default at the start of the activity. After a few activities, however, it was set to Extended again, even though Max Accuracy was set as the default. I had no choice but to set All Systems + Multiband for all Power Modes. Now the paths are no longer zigzagged.

  • Latest 17 releases are a joke and still Garmin ignore us.

  • This bug has existed for two months now. Since the 17.10 beta

  • Setting "all+multiband / auto" in default system settings wasn't enough?

    Or maybe just in "extended power mode"? 

  • No, it does not take into account the default system or normal mode. I noticed this because suddenly all the paths between the houses were extremely zigzagged. The only way it works is if you manually correct it before starting the activity. I've changed it in all power modes. I never get to a situation where I need to save the battery. Just in case, I've fixed it in all of them, because I don't know whether it takes power mode alphabetically or by random chance.

  • Update June 13, 2024: 

    I am sorry to hear you are having trouble with your Power modes on the watch. Garmin engineers are aware of an issue effecting this. This will be resolved with a future software update. And I will post this once this has been made available. 

    If you are experiencing this issue, and have not already, please feel free to reach out to me via Private Message. I will get you added to this ticket, so you can be automatically updated with any solutions.