Bathymetric maps for dead reckoning

  • Can anyone/garmin provide any information regarding integration of the new bathymetric maps on the mk3 with depth, compass and gyroscope/accelerometer/sea current data for dead reckoning an estimated position (circular probability depending on a range of speed/current parameters) while diving, would be useful especially in poor visibility and the already excellent entry point gps position  on starting a dive
  • I can't imagine that would work. The accelerometers and gyroscopes built into wristwatch size devices have so much drift that any dead reckoning estimate would be worse than useless within minutes. If you really need dead reckoning navigation then I understand the Suex Sinapsi works fairly well, although I haven't tried it myself.

  • Im not looking for anything as substantial as that, the main issue is how do you determine speed/adjust for current but i cant see why it cant be done if you could at least manually enter a range of speed or maybe an ankle sensor with gyro/accel, current direction/strength and get a guestimate on that map, better than nothing and useful for night diving when other features cant be easily seen for ex