Spotify Limits

I have after many attempts been able to load roughly 200 songs from spotify playlists that contain 2000 songs, however the approach I was using no longer seems to work. Does anyone know what if any limits there are on spotify. I still have 14468K of available storage and 27 available slots?

I can create playlists based on the limitations but without knowing what the limits are I am going in circles, so I am hoping somebody here knows.

I have to say it's a very very annoying process, I can only download 1-2 songs each time if I use the add playlist and none if I use the update downloads and it chews up batteries like crazy

  • those 27 slots are used fore CIQ apps and not for storage of you spotify playlists. Not sure what the limitations are but why would you load 2000 songs on you watch???

  • My intention was not to load 2000 but rather to understand how it works, and the more I learn the less impressed I am.

    What I have learned so far, the update playlists first generates a composite of what the playlists contain, then it iterates trough every song in the set to see if any action is needed. While this approach makes sense it means that the process is rather slow as it computes the delta's every time. Deletes are quick and work consistently, additions are a pain as in my case it only adds 1-2 songs each time then fails. (yes I am trying to resolve it with Garmin but so far no luck) I will keep everyone posted.

    Download speed is the same weather using battery or charging, the device connects to the 2.4GHz network there does not seem to be a way to force it.

  • Download speed is the same weather using battery or charging, the device connects to the 2.4GHz network there does not seem to be a way to force it.

    I have no experience with Spotify, but cannot you sync it over the USB cable and Garmin Express, just like practically all other items? Could be faster.

  • Not that I see, as the files are managed (ie stored in an encrypted format) using spotify (there is no way to export them), And it would be much faster (I am contemplating using my old CD's for this as I only plan on using the watch when running so having new music may not be important

  • Well, in that case, you can perhaps use something else than Spotify, and upload your songs to the watch directly. Have a look at the following thread for some tips:

  • Ok so finally I have it all working and quiet well to be honest, There is somehing really whacky about the wifi connection and about the spotify app but who cares 200 songs loaded into a single garmin playlist, yes it took 600 button clicks to get there and several reboots of the watch. I never was able to load more than 2 songs at a time but hey it works and i have tested updating the playlist, the changes do replicate 1-2 at a time!

  • This is also a pretty big limit for Spotify. But there is another way there are radio programs online these days, they are quite popular and attractive. Not only that, it also provides us with free sounds for your device. ecouter la radio en direct is what I would suggest for you.