Garmin MK1 complete failure!!

Hello All 

This is the first time i post on these forums. 

I have been using the MK1 for a little less than a year. I am about to become a dive master and was extremely happy with the MK1 as a dive computer where i recommended it for almost anyone in the dive community. 

However the watch completely failed and i am frustrated today as i have been trying to contact support with no success, tried to reinstall the software with no success. I am hoping that someone here can help! 

What happened is after few dives on the 23rd of July i tried syncing using Garmin Connect with no success. I later learned that Garmin was under a cyber attack. The next night i turned on the watch as i had a dive the next morning and the disaster happened: The following warning was always coming up on the screen: "Do not dive. Failed to read depth sensor", the Bluetooth was no longer working and the Heart Rate sensor is not working as well. The status of the MK1 did not change and is still the same. 

I really want to understand what happened and what caused the problem. Is this likely to happen again in case the watch was fixed? I kind of unfortunately lost trust in this product and hope i can get some answers that might change this. 

Thank you :)