Ascent Rate & Descent Rate in Apnea Mode

Ascent Rate & Descent Rate in Apnea Mode

I just cant find these two rate after each dive on freediving. it only shows max depth/dive time/map/location/heart rate.

I just need these two data after each of every freedive. How can i do that ?.

Usually i sync back to my phone everytime after complete all dive and check/calculate my ascent rate/descent rate.

But it would be nice to know right away after each dive how do you perform and you adjust accordingly to it

  • Honesty, I don’t know how many Freedivers come here, so you may want to circle back to Garmin’s Support (try the online chat) depending on your Country.

  • Hi!

    I don´t believe the ascent/descent rates are explicitly measured and available to review in Garmin Connect, but there is a workaround, and since you seem to do mostly freediving and not spearfishing, maybe it is not as bothersome to you as it is for me.

    In Garmin Connect, once you go into the activity, you will see a depth graph that looks like this:

    Unfortunately, Garmin aglomerates all dives in the same graph, as opposed to other developers that have a single graph for each dive. But, you can turn your phone sideways (landscape mode) and you can zoom into the graph, and pretty much identify the start, bottom, and finish time for each dive, like this:

    You can also overlap temperature and HR graphs onto this one.

    Hope this helped!