Garmin Descent G1 no longer syncing dives to Win10 Subsurface over USB, the activity folder has no .fit files any ideas please ? Have the dive .fit logs changed location, where are they stored ?

We used to be able to connect our Garmin Descent G1s by USB to Windows computer, and download the dives into Subsurface.

It seems to have stopped working since a software update. Looking into the Garmin USB drive there are no .fit files at all in the \activity folder although dives show up on the G1s, Connect & Dive apps, looked into all the other folders but not seeing corresponding .fit files for the dives.

Thanks for any help or suggestions.

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  • Garmin Express deletes now the activity folder after the syncing. It is a new "feature" already introduced once, about a year or two ago, and then retracted after a surge of complaints. Garmin tries it now again, possibly testing whether people would still complain. I recommend contacting the Support at if you want the automatic clean-up removed.

    In the meantime, shut down Garmin Express completely, and disable its auto-start, and use it only once you synced your files with the 3rd party app, and/or backed up the Activity folder.

  • Thanks for the informative answer and quick response, Trux !  Shocking attitude by Garmin, we won't be equipping our dive center with all G1s now, unless they sort this out rapidly and give users full andd easy access to their own dive data for use in 3rd party robust non-cloud dive log apps. I will certainly contact support to voice my discontent.

  • PS I have asked support how to backdate firmware to previous version that doesn't delete activity data, will share here their response.

  • Garmin Express deletes now the activity folder after the syncing

    On that topic - Express 7.18.0 deletes all activities

    Garmin has pulled version 7.18.0 from downloads and has gone back to I've uninstalled GE and reinstalled from the Garmin Express download site - Garmin Express - Windows | Garmin

    This is now the "latest" version until the next update.

    Did a run today and can confirm that the fit file was not removed from the \GARMIN\ACTIVITY folder on my epix (Gen 2)

  • Went to check the version and all devices had disappeared, it now showed - seems to have downgraded on it's own !  Connected a G1 and it crashed. Set to run as admin and managed to add back all devices. The history is gone though, nothing in \activity. But it still shows on G1 and Dive app - seriously bad it is impossible to export from the device or dive app !

    Dive history is life critical, with Nitrogen loading, flight and trips to altitude, surface interval, Oxygen toxicity history, multiple breathing gases etc. This should not be treated as a regular activity. A cloud-based dive app, giving random "badges", is inappropriate for a dangerous activity. So the need to sync with a robust professional non-cloud app like subsurface.

    The dive history should be stored in a secure location, impossible to remove without user permission. Up your game Garmin, before divers get injured, or worse.

  • Garmin Express 7.18.1 is now released, update of a that required run as admin to work completed successfully. gE now launches ok without run as admin. Missing .fit files that were lost during sync with GE 7.18.0 were exported as original one by one from Garmin Connect web and copied back into the G1s \activity folder. On syncing with GE 7.18.1 they do not disappear - seems that problem is fixed.

    Heard from Subsurface people that new"ish" format of .fit files in the activity folder have more characters in the filename than expected,which is why ability to sync failed - subsurface will fix that at the next release.