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Rattles inside during vibration

There is a rattling sound inside watch case when it vibrates as if there is something loose inside. This happens a few weeks after my warranty expires (obviously) I typically baby my watch and I've never drop my watch nor put any force on it. From what I've done extensive research on this, it looks like a hardware defect from Garmin itself and in other regions they replace it right away. This is not the case with Garmin Thailand, the repair and customer service ask me to pay $140 for replacement while blaming it on me. It's a shame that watch advertised as tough, durable and most importantly a dive computer which you depend your life on is so unreliable. This is going to be my last Garmin watch

You can find similar issues in many threads,

  • I am sorry you have the issue. The issue itself is not a hardware defect. It is unfortunately bad luck. The same vibrating mechanism in your watch is in millions upon millions of both Fitness and Outdoor segment watches. It can be become defective over time but the overall percentage that do develop the issue are well, well under 1%. My sincere apologies your issue began after you are outside of your 1 year warranty.

    Consider reaching back out to Thailand Product Support and asking them to work with you to see if they can reduce the cost or waive it altogether since your warranty just ended in June 2023.

  • Thank you for the clarification, Chris. So it is my "unfortunately bad luck" that I fall under 1% of hardware failure. I reached out Garmin Thailand and after days of talking and refusing to offer any help without charging money, they only willing to offer 15% off from $140 which is not very helpful.

    For future readers, there is nothing you can do other than to pay for replacement if this happens and warranty expires.

  • I am sorry your warranty was up when your issue began and Thailand Product Support is being strict on your warranty. I wish you the best.

    Please note, I have sent you a Private Message to assist you further with Thailand Product Support. When you are sign-in to our forums, check the top right corner to the right of the Notifications lightning bolt icon.