Bug Report: Incorrect dive time for non-DST observing country

I just got to go diving for the first time with my new Descent G1. The location was Honduras (Roatan). Unfortunately the watch logged all dive times incorrectly.

Honduras is UTC-6, same as CST, but does NOT switch to Daylight Saving Time in the summer. I'm hypothesizing the daylight savings issue is the source of the bug. Dive times were recorded one hour off. e.g. a dive at 9:16 shows in Garmin Dive/Connect as 10:16. However, Garmin Connect correctly states the timezone as GMT-6 (Central Time), strangely enough.

Stranger still, reviewing the dives from the Garmin Dive Log Glance on the watch displays shows a dive time of 11:16 for the same dive as above. It's all very confusing and I'm not sure why this bug hasn't been reported yet.

The phone is Android, a Google Pixel 7 Pro. On the phone the timezone was set to automatic discovery and it displayed the local time correctly. The watch was displaying the same local time as the phone for the duration of the trip to Honduras, and I made no adjustments to it.

Happy to provide more details if it helps.