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Anybody else use the flyGarmin Logbook with a D2 Charlie. I thought it would be useful to help me record flights without having to write down loads of times as I do multiple short flights in one day. It doesn't seem to be able to cope with that though. First time I tried it I flew 3 flights of 45 minutes with 10 minutes on the ground between them with AutoFly set to On and FLY manually started at the start of the sequence and then FLY manually stopped after the 3 flights.. Garmin Connect recorded it all as one long flight with no laps or any other indication that I was on the ground for 10 minutes between flights other than zero altitude and speed. The flyGarmin logbook recognised the first flight and recorded it correctly but ignored the next 2.

Yesterday I tried again. This time AutoFly was off and I manually started the FLY activity each flight and stopped it after each flight. Connect recorded correctly 3 separate flights but the flyGarmin logbook only recorded the first flight, the next 2 didn't sync across.

It appears that the flyGarmin logbook can only cope with one flight per day the way I use it. Does anyone else have any experience with the application?
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