My inreach explorer no longer updates ipad map

I have a Garmin InReach Explorer+ paired to an iPad Pro running iOS 13.  Upto yesterday all was working well and I was able to use either Google Maps, Earthmate, Gaia or Apple Maps and see my instant location.  Now I no longer get data from the InReach to the iPad.  I've reset everything, and updated iPad but no luck.  It DOES show that it's paired with the iPad and I can see it when I load up Earthmate however when I look at all maps I just see the last place where I received a datapoint.  

I've been trying to diagnose this issue by hooking it to my iPhone but I think my internal phone GPS is what the maps are using. 

How do I go about diagnosing whether the issue is with my InReach or my iPad?  (If I had a spare one of each it would be easy to figure out but I don't).

Thanks much!

  • Be sure that location services are permitted for whatever app you’re using to display the data. If the Earthmate app is working, it’s not the pairing. That said, if you have not already done so, the conventional wisdom is to have each device forget the other, then re-pair. I hesitate to suggest that since it’s working with Earthmate.

    Do you know what changed when it stopped working? O/S update on the iPad? F/w update on the Explorer? Something else?

    Particularly if it stopped working with iOS 13, check out this support article: The only section that might be relevant is the BT sharing setting - and I’m not even sure of that. Note that the Explorer+ is not compatible with GCM. You will want to check if BT sharing applies to apps like Google maps and Gaia.

  • Thank you for your response.  I've done everything you suggest and I'm still having issues.  Up to the other day I've had no problem using my InReach with Google Maps, Apple Maps, Gaia and any other app that uses geocoding data.  I rebuilt my iOS device (iPad) and factory reset my InReach.  I even tried it on other devices.  When I load up any map program it will show the last point where everything was working fine, which was in Las Vegas.  I'm not in California so I know it's not a fluke.  I'm at the point where I'd like to send it back to Garmin but as this is sporadic I fear they may not have an issue.  Not that it matters but I used this with my iPad all the time as I'm always off-road and I rely on this for getting me back to where I need to be. 

  • Call tech support. They may have suggestions. Or not. They are going to ask what changed when it stopped working. Do you know?

  • I've been on with tech support for the past hour.  They arent sure whats going on but they are saying my InReach is working properly.  As I completely formatted my iPad and rebuilt it, I asked them to explain how come it's showing me at the same spot I was when it stopped working, 175 miles away.  They are going to open a "case" to work on this so we shall see.  Sadly, today I am supposed to lead a group of people into some mountains in Southern California where theres no cell service and I'm nervous that this equipment isn't working properly.  But, I suppose it's not the end of the world.