MapShare shows a lot of Activities done early


I am still new for iR mini.

Yesterday I recognised MapShare (it is what available via link[userSelectedName]) displays a lot (hundreds) activities done by me early (prior I have purchased iR mini).

I think it can be wrong to share with friends and family (or even public) so cluttered map, also this mess can distract attention from what is real important.

I guess it happened cos during setup process for iR mini by default was assigned Library collection for data. Also I assume Library is a general collection for all devices and for everything what you did, doing or plan to do on Garmin platform? Isn't it?


 - do you have the same experience?

 - correct me if I am wrong with my assumptions above, please!

 - is it safe to assign as default collection for iR mini some empty collection and hide Library for MapShare?