InReach Mini not sending coordinates in SMS

My Garmin inReach Mini will send text messages but does not include the location (coordinates) and it should. I’ve tried to reinstall the app with no luck.

  • Was it working before?

    Viewing and Sharing Your Current Location

    1. From the Location page, select OK.
    2. Select Share Location to send your location details as text within a message.
  • Including coordinates as text in the SMS is optional. Log into, go to the Account "tab", and look at the SMS Message Configuration section in the lower right corner of the page. If you want the coordinates to be included in the SMS sent to the recipient's phone, make sure that the box is checked for "Include my latitude and longitude as text in the message".

    There are no additional steps required to save the change. Also, this is handled entirely by the Garmin servers, so there is no need to sync the Mini.