inReach Mini Display Background lighting not uniform


The Display of my inReach Mini has a non-uniform background lighting e.g. the lower right corner of the display is much darker than the rest of the Display. So my question is if this is normal or if my screen is broken/damaged. It's new. Is this also the case on your inReach Mini and/or is this normal? On the attached image it's not as visible as in real life. Thanks in Advance! 

Sorry for my bad English. 

  • The backlight of the display on the inReach Mini ideally should be uniform across the screen. If you're seeing darker spots, that could indicate screen damage. You can try doing a soft reset, by pressing and holding Back button and Power simultaneously as listed on the back of the device. If that doesn't improve, you can try a full reset described here: Full Reset of the inReach Mini. If the display still isn't uniform, replacing the inReach Mini would likely be the next option and you would need to contact your country's Garmin Product Support for assistance.